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Beat The Flu This Season

As the seasons change, the days get shorter and cooler, we start to think about the “flu season.” While getting sick is a very normal and somewhat healthy experience, there are several things we can do prevent us from getting sick, or at least mitigate the effects of a cold.

One of the best ways to help build your immune system is by taking a homeopathic called Viral Immune Stimulator. It is comprised of the viral strains determined by the World Health Organization. The strains are put into a homeopathic formula and taken over the course of several weeks. It’s a wonderful natural and safe vaccine. In addition, some of my favorite supplements are zinc (30-45 mg per day) and vitamin C, 1,000 to 2,000 mg per day. Proper rest, healthy food and exercise greatly diminish your risk of getting sick as well.

I also recommend taking a mushroom blend called Mycopotent Immune Complex. This unique blend provides, polysaccharides, proteoglycans and alpha and beta glucans that have been found to have significant benefits on strengthening the immune system. This blend is safe for patients who have compromised immune systems. It includes Shitake, Reishi, Coriolus versicolor and Maitake Mushrooms.

If you do get a sore throat, I developed a special blend of Turmeric, Sea Salt, and Cayenne Pepper. It is effective for any kind of sore throat and will even help with strep throat. The Sore Throat Gargle contains ingredients that have been known to have healing properties for hundreds of years. The Turmeric is anti-inflammatory, Sea Salt has antimicrobial properties and the Cayenne is both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory.

As already mentioned, getting sick serves a purpose and actually can help detoxify the body. A fever actually helps to “burn out” the virus and speed up the recovery process. When I get sick, I actually try to induce a fever. Fever treatment is one of the oldest naturopathic remedies for dealing with almost any sickness of disease. The way to do this is explained below:

Drink 8 oz. of freshly ground ginger tea then get into a hot bathtub with the water temperature at 106 degrees. Immerse yourself in it fully. Keep a small bucket of cold water and washcloth nearby to put on your head to keep from getting lightheaded. Stay in the water about 30 minutes so your core body temperature will rise.

Once out of the tub, dry off immediately and put on lots of clothes and go to bed immediately. Most likely you will start to perspire and feel the fever come on. This is what you want. The next morning you should feel better and the fever should have broken.

You never know when you might encounter a bug that is going around. Be prepared this season with Dr. Ramaley’s immune support recommendations. The kit includes Mycopotent Immune Complex, Viral Immune Stimulator, and a 2 oz. jar of Throat Gargle.


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