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Our clinic is following the Washington State Department of Health guidelines regarding COVID-19. As of April 3, 2023, the DOH lifted the mask mandate for healthcare. In our clinic, masks are not required in common areas. If a patient prefers to wear a mask in an enclosed treatment room, our providers and staff will wear one as well. We continue to take extraordinary precautions to keep our patients safe.

For those who cannot make it into our clinic, Dr. Ramaley offers naturopathic consults via telemedicine. We also have curbside pick-up for nutritional supplements that can be ordered via telephone.


Your body is designed to heal itself. Chiropractic and naturopathic healing methods help facilitate the process. Patients who come to our clinic join in a partnership with us of improving their health. We approach each individual's care with years of clinical expertise, knowledge and empathy. Our comprehensive skill set leads to an effective plan of action.
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Dr. Ramaley was interviewed by Dr. Michelle Barry about hydration and building up the immune system. Also check out our YouTube videos by Dr. Ramaley.

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99% of the molecules in your body are water, so you are 99% water.
Vitamin D from Sun
5-10 minutes of light

Words from our patients

"I have been to many chiropractors and Dr. Laurie McQuaig is by far the best. Her kind listening and understanding of the functional relationships of my body healed me holistically, rather than merely mechanically. She is fun, easy going, and cares about you!"

Barbara V. 

"I am so grateful for Seattle Natural Health. There is no one like Dr. Ramaley. He has put my life back on track time and time again. He and his staff are exceptional! I trust him with my life and will go to no one else!"

Nicole B.

" For the last 14 years the doctors at Seattle Natural Health have been taking care of my family (including my parents). From sports injuries to seeing my through my pregnancy, Seattle Natural Health offers non-invasive treatment. My Family enjoys learning from Dr. Ramaley, Dr. McQuaig and the staff so that we can prevent illnesses before they start!"

Heidi H.

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